Tinkerdoodle is a free Python IDE for your maker projects.

MicroPython IDE

Connect to your MicroPython board, run code interactively with autocompletion, open a terminal to access the serial port, deploy your program, all done within the browser. Tinkerdoodle uses the latest WebUSB technology, and no browser plugin is required. You can even flash firmware right in the browser!

Jupyter Notebook

Organize your IoT projects with Jupyter Notebook. Combine code, schematic diagram, and documentation in one place. Notebooks are stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere. Share your project to others with ease. It is great to be used in a collaborative and educational environment.

ESP8266 and ESP32

ESP8266 and ESP32 are powerful and inexpensive chips that are ideal for IoT projects. They cost as low as $4 a piece, and supports WiFi and Bluetooth. For less than $20, you can build a fully fledged gadget that runs MicroPython, and connects to internet on its own. Tinkerdoodle supports the most popular ESP8266/ESP32 development boards such as NodeMCU and M5Stack.

Google Assistant

Dreamed of controlling your maker project by voice? Tinkerdoodle integrates with Google Assistant, and makes it super easy to add voice commands with a few lines of Python code. Now you can connect to your IoT gadget from any Google Assistant enabled device, such as Google Home, Nest Home Hub, and Android Phone.


With Tinkerdoodle, it's never been easier to teach Python programming, hardware project, and robotics right in the browser. We offer dedicated servers for your need. If you are interested, please contact us!

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