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Work on IoT and AI

ESP8266 and ESP32 are powerful and inexpensive chips with built-in WiFi. K210 is a newer chip with AI accelerator. Pico is a recent addition to the popular Raspberry Pi family. Tinkerdoodle supports popular ESP8266/ESP32 and K210 boards like NodeMCU, M5Stack, and MaixCube, as well as Raspberry Pi Pico. Start your cool project with ease.

Code with MicroPython

MicroPython is a lightweight Python that runs on microcontrollers. Connect to your device, run code interactively with autocompletion, open a terminal to access the serial port, deploy your program, all done within the browser. Tinkerdoodle uses the latest WebUSB technology, with zero installation. You can even flash firmware right in the browser!

Organize and Share

Organize your learning and maker projects with Jupyter Notebook. Combine demo, code, schematic diagram, and documentation in one place. Notebooks are stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere. Share your project with others if you like.

Integrate with Google Assistant

Dreamed of controlling your maker project by voice? Tinkerdoodle integrates with Google Assistant, and makes it super easy to add voice commands with a few lines of Python code. Access your gadget from any Google Assistant enabled device, such as Google Home, Nest Home Hub, and Android Phone.

Collaborate and Educate

Tinkerdoodle works well in a collaborative and educational environment. With Tinkerdoodle, you can teach Python programming, maker projects, and robotics right in the browser. For educator account, please contact us.

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